Welding & Fabrication

Design & Engineering

At Northland Custom Ironworks, we are not all about the science, precision, and machine operation of welding and fabrication, we also design. When it comes to metalwork, it’s easy to overlook the fact that it’s also an art, and an artistic vision is where all metal fabrication is born.

Whether you just have an idea or a complex design that needs to meet specific criteria, we can help. Do you need a prototype or one-off custom job? We are adept in the latest design software and work closely with a Minnesota based engineering firm to assist in any stage of your projects’ design. With our eye for design and skill in fabrication, we can help you select the appropriate metal, decide the proper thickness, and include suitable tolerances for your project. We are dedicated to turning your concept into a cost-effective, beautifully designed, and high-quality finished product that stands out and up to whatever you need it to do.

Welding & Fabrication

Fabrication is the process of creating metal structures. Welding is the primary means by which such structures and their parts are fused and assembled. These structures can range from artwork and signs to handrails and large structural members. 

At Northland Custom Ironworks, we weld and fabricate a variety of different metals such as:

  •       Carbon Steel
  •       Stainless Steel
  •       Aluminum
  •       And more

We are efficient in a variety of welding processes such as:

  •       Wire Feed (GMAW)
  •       Stick (SMAW)
  •       Flux Core (FCAW)
  •       Pulsed Mig
  •       Tig (GTAW)

With our expertise and up-to-date equipment, we’ve created:

  • Multiple variations of railings for lake homes to apartment buildings
  • Structural frames that hold HVAC equipment on the roof of Target

Mobile Welding

Our skills don’t just begin and end in our shop; we’re available 24/7 for any emergency repairs. Whether on the freeway, project site, or wherever your emergency happens, we can repair your broken equipment or heavy machinery and quickly get you back on schedule!

On-Site Welding

We also provide on-site welding and installation for:

  • Handrails
  • Structural stairs & frames
  • Awnings
  • Signs & more

Whatever we build, we can also install.

We are a small shop with big capabilities.

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